This song is from the Queen of Hip Hop Mary J. Blige’s eight studio album Growing Pains. The moment I listen to the song, it got its upbeat melody that’s perfect for a house party right at your next block. Not only the rhythm is catchy, the lyrics also implies women empowerment as it encourage women to be strong enough to stand against all odds even without men in their lives. The album alone sold 629,000 copies on its first week alone that made it at the second spot at Billboard’s 200 Album charts. The success of the album gone too far as it gained its post at #29 in Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Albums of 2007. Meanwhile, the song Just Fine remained at good standing in both Hot 100 and RnB charts of Billboard not to mention it got a nod at this year’s Grammy’s in Female RnB Vocal Performance category. Truly, she’s a remarkable talent amidst her not-so-good beginnings as a performer.


song reviews, Just Fine

1 “Work That” 3:31
2 “Grown Woman” 4:05
3 “Just Fine” 4:02
4 “Feel Like a Woman”
5 “Stay Down” 4:23
6 “Hurt Again” 4:08
7 “Shake Down” 3:36
8 “Till the Morning”
9 “Roses” 4:36
10 “Fade Away” 4:16
11 “What Love Is” 4:03
12 “Work in Progress (Growing Pains)” 4:01
13 “Talk to Me” 4:10
15 “Smoke” 3:10
16 “Come to Me (Peace)” 5:02


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